Thunderbolts Release 2018-2019 season schedule

07/06/2018 8:58 AM -

Thunderbolts will start the 2018-19 campaign on the road against the Knoxville Ice Bears on Friday, October 19th in Knoxville, TN. 

Thunderbolts will return to Ford Center in downtown Evansville for their home opener of its third season in the SPHL (Southern Professional Hockey League) on Saturday, October 20.  

During the 2018-2019 season, the Thunderbolts will become very familiar with the newest SPHL team, Quad City Storm, as the two teams will meet 12 times; the most games against a single opponent this season. Evansville will play at least two games against all nine league rivals and all teams will make at least one trip to the Ford Center.

The road schedule for the Thunderbolts includes trips to eight of the nine league foes with Pensacola being the only exception.

All teams in the SPHL will play a total of 56 games. Below is a breakdown of how many total times the Thunderbolts will play each team in the league:


Birmingham-             7 games (3 at home)

Fayetteville-              4 game (1 at home)

Huntsville-                 7 games (4 at home)

Knoxville-                  4 games (2 at home)

Macon-                       3 games (2 at home)

Pensacola-                2 games (2 at home)

Quad Cities-              12 games (6 at home)

Peoria-                       11 games (6 at home)

Roanoke-                  6 games (2 at home)

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